If it wasn’t for the strippers of the past, we wouldn’t have burlesque; and if it wasn’t for the strippers of the present, we wouldn’t have some of our favourite moves. In this workshop, we will be getting a little more sensual and risqué as we channel our inner hustler..... and yes, there will be floor work!

Experience: This class is open to adults age 18+ with developing to advanced dance backgrounds. No experience necessary, beginners welcome!

Mobility: Modifications will be available as needed for accessibility and optional challenges.


About The Instructor

Honey Fury is a burlesque performer, a choreographer, and a dance instructor from St. John’s. As Newfoundland’s most experienced burlesque performer, she has spent the past 15 years refining her burlesque skills, supplemented by a multitude of other movement styles with a strong focus on heels dance (including The Arch Method Heels Dance & Performance Training)


Studio Time:
1 hrs over 1 classes
Honey Fury


Wed 28 Jun 2023 @ 7:45 pm - 60 mins


Lynn Panting Dance
30 Harvey Road
St. John's, NL