classes for everyone

beginner to advance

We believe that every dancer is unique, with different abilities, learning styles, and motivations for dancing.  The ultimate goal of classes with Magpie Movement is to spark a passion for dance in whichever stylization you would like to embrace.  We want to help dancers not only understand the body and fundamental vocabulary and repertory, but also to cultivate a deeper understanding of body movement and technique.  We wish to inspire creativity and to spark a desire to better yourself through movement, with an eagerness to push your own limits and reach your goals in dance.

contemporary and fusion

belly dance

Belly dance combines grace, fluidity, and serpentine movements that emanates from the torso, rather than in the legs and feet. The dance often focuses on isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in patterns and shapes, weaving together the entire body. You’ve probably seen belly rolls, arm undulations, hip figure 8s, and shimmies!


  • low impact, easy on joints

  • low cardio, easy on the heart

  • improve torso flexibility
  • lengthen spinal column
  • gentle muscle strengthening

  • increase hip mobility

Magpie Movement acknowledges that the term “belly dance” is problematic as it is a colonial term that is used as a catch-all phrase to describe the rich and varied dances of Middle Eastern, North African, Helenic, and Turkish (MENAHT) regions. We understand that it is also the term most widely understood in the English language and as such may use it for clarity from time to time. As a fusion dance studio, we use different terms to describe our style including Fusion Dance, Transcultural/Transnational Fusion, and Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance. As we grow, learn, and evolve these labels will continue to evolve with us.