Vanessa Matthews

owner, belly dance

Vanessa is a contemporary and fusion belly dance artist living in St. John’s NL. She is the owner of Magpie Movement, artistic director of Seraka Dance Company, producer of Belly Dance Brew, and sits on the board of directors for the Untellable Movement Theatre. Vanessa is known for her subtle nuances, fluid arm and hand work, and outstanding musicality. She builds on her background in music and theatre, and strives to continually push her creative boundaries.

guest teachers

Honey Fury

Honey Fury is a burlesque performer, a choreographer, and a dance instructor from St. John’s. As Newfoundland’s most experienced burlesque performer, she has spent the past 15 years refining her burlesque skills, supplemented by a multitude of other movement styles with a strong focus on heels dance (including The Arch Method Heels Dance & Performance Training)

Heather Labonté

belly dance

Heather’s twenty-two year dance adventure spans belly dance, jazz funk, and contemporary, among others. Known for her compelling emotional command of audiences, extensive technical knowledge, and fondness for rule-breaking, Heather loves to make, teach, and perform dances that push the boundaries of what her dance is and can be.

Elaine Dunphy

nia, ageless grace

Elaine is a true seeker of joy. Since her first class the Nia Technique has brought her so much joy that she decided to spread the feeling to others wherever she can. As a Nia blue belt and a certified instructor with training in ‘Moving to Heal’ and ‘Ageless Grace’ she is committed to helping people connect to their own sense of playfulness through this unique mind-body-spirit movement practise.

Miss Kitty Fantastico

Miss Kitty Fantastico is everyone’s “Burlesque Mama” and has been a pillar of the St. John’s burlesque community for the last decade. Headmistress of St. John’s Burlesque Academy and one-third of the production powerhouse Here Kitty Kitty Productions, Miss Kitty has been using her lifetime of multi-disciplinary training in movement, theatre, and costuming to spread the joy and empowerment of burlesque since 2010.
movers, shakers, and whimsical makers

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We want to expand our team with people who are excited about helping to build a supportive community based in creative movement and dance.

Whether you’re coming with your own program and curriculum, or are interested in being an assistant or instructor in our existing programs, we would be delighted to discuss our flexible arrangements and compensation.

We love supporting movement artists and small businesses who need a home – especially for those styles of movement that often don’t fit the mold of standard dance schools. If you’re interested in being a guest teacher, or offering a series of classes with Magpie Movement, please send us an email.