• Classes will be held on Wednesdays @ 7:30-8:25pm for 6 weeks:

    • 2023 September 13/20/27, October 11/18/25 (no class Oct 04)
  • Your instructor is Vanessa Matthews

    • Email:
    • Text: 709-693-9259
  • Class Location:

    • Lynn Panting Dance, 30 Harvey Road, St. John’s NL
    • Please press the buzzer and wait to be admitted.
    • Be considerate, and hold the door for your classmates.
    • Shoes off downstairs.
    • Head up to Studio 2 (down the hallway, across from the kitchen)


Your teacher may vary the lessons plan according to the skill and interest of the dancers in class. This list is simply a guide of goals.

Additional Resources

brass, silver, bronze, and gold

how to find the right finger cymbals for class

Finger cymbals are small metal discs, worn on the thumb and middle finger of each hand, used by the dancer to add musical flourishes and accent their music (or be the music itself).

Different tones are achieved through the variety sizes, weights, and which metals are used including brass, bronze, silver, and even gold! The metal for your cymbals is up to you, but brass will be a more affordable option for dancers who are still learning. While they can range in size, the average diameter is 2.5″ and average weight is 175 grams.

Your finger cymbals should be:

  • A set of 4 circular discs (not 2).
  • Have two thin slits at the centre-top of the belly, for flat elastics (instead of one centre hole).
  • Consistent thickness around the rim of the discs (poor quality cymbals will have divots, or thin in some areas).

You can buy one online from any retailer you’d like, however it is recommended to consider a reputable manufacturer like Saroyan Mastercrafts

There will be a limited number of finger cymbals available to use during class.