• Classes will be held on Wednesdays @ 6:30-7:25pm for 6 weeks:

    • 2024 January 10/17/24/31, February 07/14
  • Your instructor is Vanessa Matthews

    • Email:
    • Text: 709-693-9259
  • Class Location:

    • Lynn Panting Dance, 30 Harvey Road, St. John’s NL
    • Please press the buzzer and wait to be admitted.
    • Be considerate, and hold the door for your classmates.
    • Shoes off downstairs.
    • Head up to Studio 2 (down the hallway, across from the kitchen)


silk and chiffon and georgette, oh my!

how to find the right sized dance veil

A veil is a large piece of fabric that is held between the fingers and is used by the dancer to frame themselves and add a dynamic “dance partner” (catching some big air during turns).

The fabric/colour of your veil is up to you, but you should look for a semi-sheer and light-weight fabric. Chiffon is a little heavier and easier to predict. Silk is lighter so it floats, but does have a mind of its own (a fun game!)

Your veil should be:

  • Rectangular (not circle or semi-circle for this class).
  • Wide enough to cover from your collarbone to the tip of your middle finger. About 1.0m to 1.5m wide (45″ is standard width).
  • Long enough to hang over your extended arm and almost touch the floor with both short-edges. About 2.5m to 3m long (105″ is standard length, but they’re available up to 144″ if you’re a tall mermaid).

Your instructor will have some veils for purchase or you can buy one online from any retailer you’d like. You can even get creative and cut/make your own so that your veil can be as unique as you are.

There will be a very limited number of veils available to use for the first class.