BD Basics (Raqs Sharqi Stylization)

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Learn the fundamentals of contemporary belly dance with Vanessa Matthews as you’re guided through the essentials skills that you’ll need for your belly dance journey. You’ll learn posture; isolations of the hips, torso, and ribcage; positions and pathways of the arms and feet, and everyone’s favourite – shimmies! At the end of the class, you’ll learn a short combination to use your new skills and really start dancing right away.

Each “Belly Dance Basics” class is stand-alone, and drop-in friendly. Each one is a little different with new combos, and different technique focuses. Think of them like Belly Dance Loot Bags – you never know what you’re going to get, so you might as well grab a few and get a bit of variety.

Some classes focus on Egyptian (Raqs Sharqi) stylizations, others on Contemporary or fusion stylizations.

Level of Difficulty

Experience: Start here! Absolute beginners and new dancers welcome. Adults/18+

Mobility: Adaptable to all levels of ability and mobility, all genders, and body types. Dance is for everyone.

Items Needed: Come as you are in clothing that makes you feel comfortable. No props, shoes, or costuming needed.

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